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Public Power Week

Each year, more than 2,000 community-owned utilities, like Muscoda Utilities, across the nation observe Public Power Week during the first full week of October. Public Power Week is a celebration of these not-for-profit electric utilities that proudly serve the electric power needs of about 40 million Americans - or almost 15 percent of electricity consumers.

Every public power system is different due to its community's population, geography, climate, natural resources, economy, and local government structure. However, all public power systems have in common their purpose: to provide adequate, reliable, not-for-profit electricity at a reasonable price with proper protection of the environment.

Muscoda Utilities celebrates the importance of public power each year. See the attached on energy savings tips and how to prevent frozen water pipes, 

2022 Power Week Winners

This year to celebrate Public Power the utilities had a drawing for customers to receive either a $50.00, $75.00 or $100.00 credit on their utility bill. The names drawn will see the credit amount on their December 10, 2022 bill.


The following customers' names were drawn; 
$50.00 credits go to: Angela Mueller, Scott Oechsner, Gerard Murphy, Tom Berry, Unite Presbyterian, Joe Norris, PJ Walsh INC, Dennis Groom, Charles McClary, Dan Hasburgh, Dean/Paula Koopman, Stephanie Moore, Kenda Tisdale, Donald Aardahl, Cecelia Krueger, Dale Shemak, Tom Miller, Ken Buening, Robert Phetteplace, Richard Niess, Leon Livingston, Patrica Duffey, Pat Ostrander, Mark Puckett, Daniel Biba, Josh Mathews, Jean Imhoff, Joyce Farness, and Matthew Rice. 
$75.00 credits go to: Nelson Martin, Tami Hendrickson, Joshua Greco, Brandon Maloney, Samantha Chitwood and Mathew Welsh.
$100.00 credit goes to Nicole Bomkamp Congratulations to each of them!


 Thank you: To all our Utility Customers