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Pool Rules and Regulations

Please read all rules and regulations thoroughly. 


  • Shower before entering the pool and after using toilet facilities
  • DO NOT enter the pool if you have an open cut or communicable disease
  • Listen to Lifeguards
  • Not allowed:
    • Handling of guard equipment or climbing on guard chairs
    • Running
    • Rough play, excessive noise, or foul language
    • Hanging on ropes
    • Smoking on pool property
    • Food, gum, or beverages on deck or in pool
    • Animals in pool area
    • Diving off the side in an undesignated area
    • Inflatables during regular open swim
  • Patrons must wear a swimsuit; T-shirts may be allowed if sunburned
  • Children under age 9 and all non-swimmers must be accompanied & supervised by someone at least 12 years old
  • Swim diapers are required for any child under age 3
  • Anyone found stealing from the pool or from other patrons will be banned from the pool for the remainder of the season and no refund of pool pass either daily or seasonal.
  • The Muscoda Pool or Village of Muscoda is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged personal items.


  • Patrons using the diving board must be able to swim 25 yards and tread water for 30 seconds
  • One person on board at a time
  • Once on the board the patron must go off – do not go back down ladder
  • One bounce on the board
  • Dive straight off the board
  • Diving area must be clear before next dive is allowed
  • Swim quickly to the side and exit after each dive
  • Not allowed:
    • Inward or reverse dives
    • Hanging, sitting, or handstands on diving board


  • Patron must have completed Level III lessons, or swim 10 yards without assistance
  • No standing, kneeling, rotating, or stopping
  • Only one person on slide at a time
  • Slide area must be cleared before next slide