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Title  1:    General Provisions for Use of Code of Ordinances 
                 Chapter 1:   Use and Construction of Code of Ordinance
                 Chapter 2:   Use of Citation
Title  2:    Government and Administration
                 Chapter 1:   Village Government and Election
                 Chapter 2:   Village Board
                 Chapter 3:   Municipal Officers and Employees
                 Chapter 4:   Boards, Commissions and Committees
Title  3:    Finance and Public Records
                 Chapter 1:   Finance
                 Chapter 2:   Special Assessments
                 Chapter 3:   Public Records
                 Chapter 4:   Disposal of Lost, Abandoned and Surplus Property
Title  4:    Building Code
                 Chapter 1:   Fair Housing
                 Chapter 2:   Grievances Regarding Access to Public Building by Handicapped Persons
                 Chapter 3:   Building Code
Title  5:    Public Safety
Chapter 1:   Law Enforcement
Chapter 2:   Emergency Government
Chapter 3:   Fire Prevention Code; Hazardous Materials
Chapter 4:   Regulation of Private Alarm Systems   
Title  6:    Public Works
                 Chapter 1:   Grades
                 Chapter 2:   Streets and Sidewalks
                 Chapter 3:   Driveways
                 Chapter 4:   Trees and Shrubs
Title  7:    Licensing and Regulations
                 Chapter 1:   Licensing of Dogs and Regulation of Animals
                 Chapter 2:   Fermented Malt Beverages and Intoxicating Liquor
                 Chapter 3:   Cigarette License
                 Chapter 4:   Transient Merchants    
                 Chapter 5:   Mobile Homes
                 Chapter 6:   Regulations and Licensing of Fireworks
                 Chapter 7:   Street Use Permits
                 Chapter 8:   Regulation of Nonmetallic Mining
                 Chapter 9:   Licensees
Title  8:    Health and Sanitation
                 Chapter 1:   Health and Sanitation
                 Chapter 2:   Pollution Abatement
                 Chapter 3:   Recycling
                 Chapter 4:   Solid Waste
                 Chapter 5:   Recycling and Solid Waste – Miscellaneous Provisions
Title  9:    Public Utilities
                 Chapter 1:   Water Utility Regulations and Rates
                 Chapter 2:   Sewer Utility Regulations and Rates
                 Chapter 3:   Cable Television
                 Chapter 4:   Electric Utility Regulations and Rates
Title 10:   Motor Vehicles and Traffic
                 Chapter 1:   Traffic and Parking - updated 05-14-2019
                 Chapter 2:   Bicycles and Play Vehicles
                 Chapter 3:   Snowmobiles
                 Chapter 4:   All-Terrain Vehicles and Off-Road Motor Vehicle Operation
                 Chapter 5:   Abandoned and Junked Vehicles
Title 11:   Offenses and Nuisances
                 Chapter 1:   State Statutes Adopted
                 Chapter 2:   Offenses Against Public Safety and Peace
                 Chapter 3:   Offenses Against Property
                 Chapter 4:   Offenses Involving Alcoholic Beverages
                 Chapter 5:   Offenses by Juveniles  - updated 06-11-2019
                 Chapter 6:   Public Nuisances
                 Chapter 7:   Chronic Nuisances
Title 12:   Parks and Navigable Waters
                 Chapter 1:   Parks and Navigable Waters
Title 13:   Zoning
                 Chapter 1:   Zoning Code
                 Chapter 2:   Floodplain Zoning
                 Chapter 3    Historic Preservation
                 Chapter 4:   Annexation
                 Chapter 5    Rezoning
                 Chapter 6    Comprehensive Plan