People you know – Service you trust

Key Contacts and Employees

Construction workers smiling on back of parked truckWelcome! Meet our friendly, knowledgeable crew and staff at the Village and Utilities. Perhaps you recognize some of us from a visit to our office or from seeing us in our trucks around town. Or, you may have run into us out and about in the community. After all, we are your neighbors and we live and work right here in Muscoda.

Cinda Johnson, Village Administrator Clerk  608-739-3182

Amy Louis, Deputy Clerk Treasurer  608-739-3182

Regina (Reg) Nankee, Utility Clerk  608-739-4617

Troy Wardell, Superintendent 608-739-3390

Journeyman Lineman:  Kevin Ekleberry and Ashley Wirtz   608-739-3390

Public Works/Sewer Department:  Mike Hill, Josh Wanek, and Justin Tollefson  608-739-3782

William Schramm, Chief of Police 608-739-3144

Police Officers:  Kate Fleischauer and Ron Shutts  608-739-3144