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Garbage & Recycling

2023 Instructions and Pick-up Schedule


Town & Country Sanitation is the Village's garbage and recycling provider, contact them to schedule a large item pick up at 800-626-1915.

Weekly door-to-door garbage pick up is on Fridays and must be out by 6:00 AM; recycling is every-other Friday; view the 2023 schedule above.  If there is a Holiday or severe weather during the week, pick up will be on Saturday.   Each residence (not commercial) will need two 95 gallon "totes"; one for garbage, one for recycling. Do not mix garbage & recycling in one tote and do not put compost in the totes. New totes may be purchased by calling Town & Country Sanitation, they cost $75 each.

Garbage must to be in clear or near-clear plastic bags.

Place all recycling in the required recycling tote: rinse cans, milk jugs, and bottles. News papers, cereal boxes, and cardboard boxes (please break down) may be put in tote loose or bundled; view instructions above.  

For more recycling information visit


Spring Clean Up was Saturday, May 6, 2023 - Information on 2024's clean up will be posted in early 2024.   

Except for the Spring Clean Up, items must not be left at the village landfill area.